Trump Signs Law Removing Lifetime Benefits from Congress

President Donald Trump has long promised to drain the swamp. The President has done lots of draining, especially recently, through his pardon of his friend, Roger Stone, and the firing of his political opponents and replacing them with tremendous sycophants.

He is continuing that promise this week, as he signed a law that will remove lifetime benefits for Congress.

White House spokesman, Joe Barron, gave this statement at a press conference yesterday:

“This is a great moment in American history. Taxpayers have long spent billions of dollars on these people, that in many cases have only served for 2 years. Hard-working Americans don’t get those kind of benefits, so why should our public servants?

Now, with all of the extra money that will be in the federal budget, Trump will be using it to increase funding to red states, pay the legal fees of his many staffers under investigation, and make some improvements to Mar-a-Lago. This will be money well spent, as it will put that money back in to the economy and somehow create jobs.”

Democrats are already condemning the law, saying it will ruin their lives since they just entered into this career for the money and benefits.

Incredulously, only Democrats are evil and greedy. Every last patriotic Republican is fighting for the American people and they care about the well-being of even the poorest of society.

Democrats will never change. They are all perverts and evil. Republicans are the party of the Lord and do his bidding. It is truly amazing how all Republicans are good people, while all Democrats are evil Satanists.

It’s a statistical impossibility, but we believe it anyway. Mysterious ways, people. Mysterious ways.

16 thoughts on “Trump Signs Law Removing Lifetime Benefits from Congress

  1. David Booth says:

    Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to our great country in my lifetime of 64 years. I will stand with him no matter the consequences to myself to clean out the organized corruption of our politicians that sold us out a long time ago! Make them live under the same laws and rules we freedom loving american’s abide by. And by all means we must make the guilty among them pay the consequences of their actions.
    David L. Booth- entrepreneur and freedom loving American wanting the best life has to offer for All People because “ALL LIVES MATTER”

  2. Sylvia says:

    They should of never been given lifetime benefits. If they went into politics to self enrich themselves then they truly aren’t working for We The People. We the people are sick of carrying politicians on our backs.

  3. Merrywidow says:

    Amen! I have been saying this for years! Congress should only receive $15 per hour and take an oath not to launder money. If any of them become millionaires off taxpayer money, it should be returned to us and they should go to prison.

  4. Steve says:

    All Democrats are evil. most Republicans are as well.

    Patriots are behind the man on OUR mission to drain the swamp.

    It’s OUR Government, they serve us.

  5. Michael says:

    Their healthcare is the least of their “lifetime” benefits since most of them make millions upon millions of dollars by helping their business cronies make millions upon millions. We need a law that automatically triggers an IRS audit when they earn more than what they are getting paid by we the people. We also need to end the political class by each and every one us patriots supporting the article 5 convention of states and finally term limiting them out of Washington. Join me and the rest of the patriots who understand this HERE:

  6. Linda Lakin says:

    No raise for them. What have they done in the past 4 years but make up lies about our president and try to get rid of him even thought we voted and wanted him to be our President. People lost their business and livelihood. Put that money towards getting them back on their feet

  7. John Clague says:

    That’s great but what is to stop the democrats from reversing it? They have the control now so this is just a gesture, they can undo it just as they will most of the good things he did.

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